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Global concept of the tourism is changing now . Most of the countries realized their own citizenship also have enough money to spend for the tourism . so they start to build basic infrastructure for the guest . Then serve their food which they used daily . Guest are happy to be with local family and out side of the home also got their own food. Some time later it is popular for the International tourist , who have  keen interest to learn culture and their daily activities. It is totally different for the tourist and one of the most popular activities in Nepal. Some of the popular Home stay places are;

1. sirubari home stay tour (2-3 days)

Sirubari is a unique home stay trek in Nepal. This trek is totally different trek than other. Sirubari presents unique features of village tourism, community tourism and home-stay programs in Nepal. This is one of the unspoiled charming Gurung (ethnic tribe) settlement in Nepal. Visitors will experience with typical Nepalese villages, homemade Nepalese foods, lifestyle and culture with extraordinarily panoramic Himalayan views. They welcome you according to the culture on your arrival fixing the families you stay with. Choosing houses in your interests is not entertained. 


  1. Home stay 
  2. Grade : easy
  3. Mainly focus for cultural and habitat aspect.

2. Yangjakot village ( 2-3 days)

This is an unique place where you will enjoy with Gurung (Ethnic tribe)Culture and hiking in the laps of the Annapurna Range . It is about 20 K.M. far distance from Pokhara valley . Drive through the valley, Bharmin – chhetri settlement , cross the Madi river then trek steep 2 -3 hours with mountain view.The village is almost at the end of north-east of Pokhara citywith terraces on both side of the trial when you walk up to the ridge.One of the oldest villages in this region welcomes you heartily with its open ground at the top.  You can participate with family and get chance to learn cook in traditional cooking system (wooden fire woven). Cultural dance will be  performed with local musical instrument .

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Home stay tour